A Teenage Bedroom By Sophie Holcroft, 19

After a long day, nothing beats coming home and cozying up into bed. Fluffy socks on and a hot water bottle at the ready. I asked my friends about the importance of their bedroom, many said it was their happy place, a place of comfort, the one place that is totally their own, a place to be alone. For me it is a place where I can recharge my batteries, perhaps reading a book, or phoning a friend. Your bedroom shows a lot about you as a person, it is full of all your favourite things and colours. Perhaps you are organised and all is ordered or maybe you are messy, sorry, correction, ‘organised mess!’ It doesn't matter as your bedroom is the one place no one can invade or change how it makes you feel; you probably know that your bracelet is under that shirt which is under that jumper! It even shows the footsteps of the past, perhaps a bookshelf that has moved multiple houses with you. It is a place holding many memories, of laughter from friends and family, but also times when you have cried into your pillow. It is your safe space. A place one can retreat to and close the door to the world and your worries. 

You turn your bedroom from being a four-walled space into your place by making it cosy. You can do this by making your bed your haven. When parents dropped off their children at boarding school, many of them immediately made the beds, as they could then drive away knowing their rooms were instantly more homely. Let’s be honest, we teens spend a lot of time in bed, as we need 9-10 hours of sleep to enable brain development and growth. Everyone loves soft bedding that you can snuggle down into, what more when your bedding coordinates to your colour scheme of the room, creating real peace and harmony. Perhaps you are one for millions of cushions, or maybe just a few and a decorative pop of colour on top. Everyone is unique, which is reflected in your room. You definitely want a cosy pair of pyjamas to snuggle into under a lovely blanket. Dim lighting is very relaxing and can distinguish those Sunday blues, whether that's a lamp or fairy lights. Many of my friends like to put up photos on their walls, to be reminded of happy times and be surrounded by their loved ones. Your bedroom is a place to express yourself fully; for your decisions, your thoughts, and dreams.