Support for Parents & Carers of Teens

Welcome to our comprehensive directory of invaluable website links and resources, specifically curated to provide parents with the support they need when navigating the challenges of raising teenagers and their mental health.

Psychologist & Parenting Expert

Dr Maryhan

Dr Maryhan is a Psychologist, Parenting Expert, and host of the How Not To Screw Up Your Kids podcast. Maryhan has over 20 years experience working with children and teens who struggle with low confidence and anxiety.

Dr Maryhan’s superpower is her ability to cut through the noise and get to the heart of the issue. Her practical approach has been hailed by parents, schools
and organisations and earned her a reputation for straight-talking, non-judgmental, real advice.

Maryhan’s globally charting How Not to Screw Up Your Kids podcast which has been named one of the top 5 parenting podcasts by The Guardian. Consistently charting in the Top 20 Parenting Podcasts. Dr Maryhan is the voice of wisdom for parents worldwide.

As a passionate parent advocate Dr Maryhan knows you can do incredible things to support your children when you are taught practical, easy to implement strategies, which work! That’s why she created the How Not to Community! An online community packed with on-demand videos and printable resources tackling the biggest challenges parents like YOU have asked for support on. The membership includes a monthly online masterclass, weekly Q&A, 3 digital courses and downloadable resources with a total value of over £3000 for just £9.97 a month.


Raising Teens by Nancy

Raising teens today was founded by Nancy, a mum of three teenagers.

Although originally an American website/blog, the world of teenagers is a worldwide language we all speak and this website covers all areas of the wonderful, fun but also complex years we all have experienced as a teen and being a parent/carer of a teen.

Full of great advice, through blogs and such covering all areas of parenting, school, daily life and much more, this fantastic source of information makes us all feel less isolated and more supported within a worldwide community. She brings serious topics and solutions to us all along with an important spoonful of humour to help navigate these years.

Listed in the top 30 parenting teen websites worldwide, Nancy has over 631K followers on social media from all around the Globe. (Visit her Instagram)

Even with such a huge following, Nancy didn't hesitate to reply to my request to feature Raising Teens Today on our help page, showing how fully invested she is supporting us all. I cannot thank her enough.


MUMBOSS - The Honest Mum’s Guide

Vicki Broadbent is a parenting expert who wrote the award winning book Mumboss - The Honest Mum’s Guide To Surviving and Thriving at Work and at Home in 2018, with a 2nd
edition released in 2020. It became a number 1 Amazon bestseller on release and was listed in the top 10 business
books written by women in the Independent.

Vicki also has her own blog Honest Mum which is a parenting and lifestyle blog. Vuelio frequently ranks her blog as No 1 in the Mummy Blogs UK Top 10 Index.

As a former TV and film director, Vicki set up this
blog in November 2010 while on maternity leave as way to rediscover her voice and regain her confidence after suffering from a traumatic birth. She is also a regular parenting expert for Bored Panda (reaching 121 million views a month).


The Wellbeing Hub

The Wellbeing Hub at Teen Tips is designed by experts to meet the social, emotional and educational needs of young people.

The Wellbeing Hub for parents and carers, gives all parents access to: Teen Tips Parenting Courses | Weekly Podcasts & Articles | Live Q&As | Careers Resources | Access to Specialists | Q&A Library | Webinars.

Residential Retreat

Learn 2 Live

Learn 2 Live is one of very few residential mental health treatment clinics dedicated to 14-17 year olds in the world and the only one in the UK. We are dedicated to helping teenagers overcome mental health challenges and their associated high-risk behaviours. We support, guide and enable children to take the vital first steps on their path to a brighter future. This is achieved through a 10 week residential programme at our Hampshire clinic nestled in the beautiful Test Valley.

At Learn 2 Live, we work closely with each and every person we look after – prioritising the needs of the child and their family to treat a broad spectrum of issues. Some of the most common types of conditions that we will offer therapy for are: Anxiety disorders, Grief related issues, Depression and associated mood disorders, Disordered eating, Suicidal ideation, Substance Misuse/Dual Diagnosis, Trauma related issues, Emergency personality disorder.

This page will be updated regularly with resources we trust and recommend.