You always hear stories of people starting their businesses around the kitchen table, well in my case, it started on a dog walk!

I had been endlessly trailing all bedding shops for something fun, vibrant and cool for my teenage daughter who was starting boarding school the following September.  Frustratingly all we could find were prints for very young children or rather boring (in the eyes of a 13 year old) adult prints!

During my daily dog walk, I was venting my frustration to a group of mums, about the first world problem of how difficult it seemed to find good quality, cool duvet covers for the teen/tween market.   How my daughter was being near impossible about choosing something due to the reasons outlined above.  As we all know, when one is a teenager, getting it right is all that matters!

Not surprisingly they were all in the same position but even more interesting was it was even more of a headache for boys!  I don’t have boys (I have three girls!) But according to all my friends with boys it is near impossible to find decent duvet covers for teenage boys.  Because although they don’t care……they really do care!

The other aspect us mums were rather frustrated with, was, when a design was finally found or agreed upon, after copious amounts of pulling our hair out, indecision’s, butting our heads against a brick wall, as our darling children went round and round whether it would fit in, would  the other children like it, would it gain too much negative attention etc etc….the quality!!! If a design was chosen from one of the cheap high street companies which aim for the teen market,  the quality was unbelievably bad.  Mass produced, cheaply made, cheaply sold,  a few washes in, they would bobble up, fall apart and what was in them and how the process they went through when made, affected our beautiful environment is a whole other blog I will get to later!

(You might be wondering at this point, what we ended up buying for my daughter?!  Well I wanted quality that wouldn’t fall apart after one wash and had been kind to the environment and nice on her skin etc and she wanted something well that we couldn’t find, so we went for a safe but boring cover from a well known bedding company!)

Having a small, mostly Christmas Fair related homewares company, I joked with my mum friends, I should design and start a new range of duvet covers/bedding for the teen/tween market.  Well that was that, my friends very seriously told me I should!  That was enough to get my little pea brain spinning and the first nuggets of my teen/tween bedding company started!


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